Dry Lube Ltd has selected Relentless Engineering as their system installation partner in the UK based on their engineering capabilities and vast experience within the beverage industry.

Works are completed to a high standard and the project team can be trusted to take full responsibility for the job from start to finish.

We are very pleased to work with Relentless Engineering.

-          Sarah

Sarah Davenport
Head of Marketing

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We were asked by Coca-Cola Enterprises of Morpeth to give them the flexibility to be able to run one production line to either of two packaging legs. 
Working with CBM-Logix we designed a “Link” conveyor running from the out-feed of the primary line Labeller to the outfeed of the secondary line Labeller. 
This also had to incorporate an Automatic “Quick Change-Over” gate that would divert the flow of bottles from the primary line to the secondary line without stopping production. 
After the design was complete and approved, the project was installed and commissioned within our customers planned maintenance shutdown. 
This modification to the line has given our customer the flexibility they required, allowing them to continue producing on a “Company Critical” line even when its primary packaging leg was not running, saving our customer £1000s in lost loads due to machine downtime.